The event theme will attempt to answer the question “How can we ensure a safer future?”

The topic theme will be addressed through four sub-themes comprising comprehensive security, security technology and artificial intelligence, and Finland’s security of supply.

I DISCUSSION: If you want peace, prepare for war – European capability in defence production (ENG)

Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine has put to test the state of the European defence industry. While the EU has been Ukraine’s largest single supporter in total aid (military, financial, humanitarian), the EU’s unity has been challenged. Rather than debating the production capacity of the defence industry, the more relevant question is what sovereign European nations can do to enhance their long-term preparedness. How can Europe respond to the changed security situation when we are facing decades of growing demand in defence material?  

II DISCUSSIONThe fight over peoples´minds – How to build resilience in the age of disinformation (ENG)

Disinformation poses a pervasive threat to societies. It can distort perceptions, influence behaviour, and at worst, hinder the will to defend the country. As the flow of information becomes ever more all-encompassing, the dissemination of misleading or false information challenges societal stability. Strengthening collective resilience against this threat requires enhancing media literacy, robust fact-checking mechanisms, and fostering critical thinking skills. Collaboration between governments, technology firms, and civil society is essential.  

III DISCUSSION: Capability Development in Multi-Domain Operations (MDO)
Live Demo: Common synthetic Environment  

The Common Synthetic Environment integrates multiple leading technologies in the defence and security sectors. By bringing together various technologies, it enables the training and support of multidimensional operations (MDO).​

IV DICSUSSION: Lessons from crises – How is a secure supply chain built in Finland? 

In the 2020s, supply security has become a critical part of our national conversation and a major public concern. We have faced two unprecedented national crises: the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Both have forced us to scrutinize the resilience of Finland’s supply security chain. What have we learned from the past few years, and how should we prepare for the present and the future? 

Updated 1.7.2024